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How Media Relations Can Support Your Fundraising Efforts

According to a recent report from TopRight Partners, nonprofits have very distinct marketing and fundraising departments that rarely interact with one another. That’s unfortunate  because both teams target the same audience groups—signaling opportunities for messages...

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Top 4 ways to share your success and impact stories

According to Authentic Storytelling, a success story is something positive that has happened. A new donor made a significant donation and helped your organization reach a fundraising goal. Your company doubled the amount of people it helped through your community...

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Media Room Must-Haves

Only 6% of journalists say that online media rooms meet their needs – with lack of access to useful contact information and multimedia content being the biggest deficiencies. Follow our five must-haves for your media room to provide journalists with the information they need to include your brand in their stories.

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Earned Influence – Redefining the Outcomes of PR?

Defining public relations has been a longtime challenge for its practitioners, even more so in the digital age. The flexibility we have had in defining our work has been a blessing on one hand, but problematic on the other as it makes it easy for anyone to present themselves as PR professionals regardless of their service offerings, which can range from strategic communications and media relations to brand journalism, social media management and more.

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Newsjacking #SB50: Strategies and Tips from Local PR Experts Who Newsjacked the Right Way

As often happens around large sporting events, newsjacking saw a surge in popularity during the 50th Super Bowl. Newsjacking requires two skillsets Von Miller displayed amply leading to the Broncos Super Bowl win – fast reflexes and good judgement. You need those fast reflexes to know what’s going on in the news cycle at any given moment in time and good judgement to make the right call, because when newsjacking goes wrong – it goes terribly wrong.

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Strategic Partnerships – Why Your Business Needs Them

Partnerships with other individuals, organizations, and businesses are critically important to an organization’s ability to grow and thrive within its’ community. If your business doesn’t utilize strategic partners, now is the time to identify and leverage these partnerships to your own advantage.

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Fresh Ideas to Spring Your Business Forward This Season

Spring has arrived in Denver! In typical fashion we are seeing temps that range from 20 degrees to 75, and have our snow boots and spring pumps sitting side by side at the back door. Spring marks a season of change and also a great opportunity to freshen up and enliven your marketing efforts. Spring also holds a variety of popular holidays and events, and yields many opportunities to speak to your business’ respective audience and even roll out some fresh messaging.

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