How to Create Content Using the PESO Model: Part 2

Last month we discussed the components of the PESO model and the importance of integrating multiple strategies into your communications plan to elevate your brand’s story. This month, we’re revealing best practices to create content for each of the PESO components so...

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How Social Enterprises Can Generate Press Coverage

More than ever, people care about organizations and brands that are creating positive change —especially reporters. And, issues, rather than products, are attractive topics for journalists. Fortunately, social enterprises are at an advantage because the reason they...

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How Media Relations Can Support Your Fundraising Efforts

According to a recent report from TopRight Partners, nonprofits have very distinct marketing and fundraising departments that rarely interact with one another. That’s unfortunate  because both teams target the same audience groups—signaling opportunities for messages...

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Top 4 ways to share your success and impact stories

According to Authentic Storytelling, a success story is something positive that has happened. A new donor made a significant donation and helped your organization reach a fundraising goal. Your company doubled the amount of people it helped through your community...

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Media Room Must-Haves

Only 6% of journalists say that online media rooms meet their needs – with lack of access to useful contact information and multimedia content being the biggest deficiencies. Follow our five must-haves for your media room to provide journalists with the information they need to include your brand in their stories.

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