INSPIRED IMPACT is an ongoing blog series that gives voice to purpose-driven organizations and passionate leaders and entrepreneurs who are making an impact in their communities and industries.

INSPIRED IMPACT :: Jay Buys | Visceral

Jay Buys is the CEO of Visceral which exists to unleash ideas that move people to think, engage, and act by crafting the most compelling stories and experiences for the world’s leading causes.

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Michael Simpson is the CEO and Co-founder of PAIRIN which uses friendly science to connect people to careers, jobs and development resources personalized to their strengths and recommended areas of development.

The PAIRIN Readiness Management System™ is a subscription-based SaaS offering that integrates soft skills and hard data (e.g. interests, experience, preferences, etc.,) to match students to optimal programs, careers and jobs. We then help educators identify specific areas of development and deliver personalized curriculum, tips and insights for each student to bridge their specific skill gaps. PAIRIN’s curriculum can be delivered in-person or online and includes 54 classroom lessons, over 300 online micro-lessons and more than 400 combined exercises, handouts and rubrics making it the most comprehensive soft skills development program in existence.

The PAIRIN system not only provides a baseline measurement of a student’s soft skills, but
also provides a roadmap and targeted development tools to help them on the journey to a successful career. Unlike hard skills or personality tests, everything PAIRIN measures is coachable and changeable. And since PAIRIN measures, maps and develops soft skills, it’s the most comprehensive soft skills tool on the market.

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INSPIRED IMPACT :: Sona Shah | Neopenda

Sona Shah is the CEO of Neopenda, a social enterprise startup company in the global health space working to create affordable and sustainable healthcare solutions to combat newborn mortality in the developing world.

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INSPIRED IMPACT :: Julianna Nelson | Friends of the Haven

Julianna Nelson is the Executive Director of Friends of the Haven, which provides financial and volunteer support to further the activities of The Haven and The Baby Haven, whose charter is to provide a safe, empowering and enriching environment for women and their infants and small children.

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INSPIRED IMPACT :: Sara Grossman | Matthew Shepard Foundation

Sara Grossman is the Communications Manager of Matthew Shepard Foundation which works every day to help erase hate in every corner of the country in honor of Matt Shepard, who was brutally beaten and left on a fence to die outside of Laramie, Wyoming in 1998 – simply for being gay.

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INSPIRED IMPACT :: Corey Kohn | dojo4

Corey Kohn is the founder and member-owner of dojo4, a B Corp that builds software – web applications, mobile web applications, iOS and Android native mobile applications, and beautiful responsive web sites – to amplify the work of the world’s most impactful organizations.

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INSPIRED IMPACT :: Sarah Hartway | Adam’s Camp

Sarah Hartway is director of development and communications for Adam’s Camp which hosts camps to provide multi-disciplinary one-on-one therapy with speech, music, physical, occupational and art therapists for children with developmental disabilities.

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INSPIRED IMPACT :: Maggie Lea | Social Venture Partners

Maggie Lea is the program coordinator of Social Venture Partners within The Denver Foundation which cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens nonprofits, and invests in collaborative solutions – building powerful relationships to tackle our community’s challenges.

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INSPIRED IMPACT :: Julie Seltz | PCs for People

Julie Seltz is the executive director of PCs for People, an innovative social enterprise that recycles computers from businesses and government agencies and provides them at little or no cost to families who otherwise could not afford them.

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