Leverage the power of PR and thought leadership

to drive business growth, influence, and impact.


People work with and support those they know, like, and trust.

Position yourself to make that happen.

If you want to drive business growth and realize the greatest impact of your work, you need to expand your audience, build trust, develop authentic relationships, and be known as a leader in your field.

We help leaders of purpose-driven companies get in front of and educate, inform, and inspire their target audiences.   Our clients are deeply committed to their work and genuinely want to help and serve others.

Together, we help you increase awareness, amplify your message, and become a recognized and respected authority in your field to grow your business and make a bigger impact.


We specialize in PR and thought leadership

to drive business growth and accelerate your influence and impact.

Increase visibility

Grow your audience

Build credibility + trust

Enhance your reputation

Differentiate from your competitors

Attract and retain quality staff

Featured Clients

Project Angel Heart
Energy Outreach Colorado
Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery


"The time we've spent working with Orapin has been a phenomenal learning and growth experience for my company. I'm incredibly proud to have them on my side and excited to continue to work with them moving forward."


Cortland Mathers-Suter, AspenRidge Recovery

"Orapin has become a vital part of our PR team. They creatively strategize with us and align our goals for growth with a focused PR plan that has helped us tell our story. Their expertise and results-driven approach have been invaluable."


Dave Brower, Argus Event Staffing

"Working with Rhiannon has been critical in helping our very unique organization become less of Denver's best kept secret! We are grateful for her steadiness, professionalism, and personalized service, as it is mixed with genuine concern and care for SVP and our impact in the community. "


Maggie Lea, SVP Denver

"Working with Orapin has been the easiest ROI decision for me to make. Our revenue has increased in direct relation to the appearances and publications they have booked for us, more than what our fees to them have been. The team is a dream to work with, excellent communicators and fast in their response."


Kerri Butler, A Touch of Bliss

From the Blog

How to approach PR

How to approach PR

PR is an important tool to amplify the voice of the brand – be it a company, nonprofit, or individual. There is tremendous value in sharing stories and expertise to increase awareness, build clout, and expand the reach of a company or thought leader’s message. So, what’s our approach to PR? We call it the “7 Ps.”

The need for PR planning

The need for PR planning

In order for your PR program to move the dial in a truly meaningful way, it is vital that you spend the time to create a plan before you start so you can clearly understand what you’re trying to accomplish and what success looks like. If you don’t know where you’re going or why, how will you know if or when you get there?

When – and when not – to share your expertise or opinion

When – and when not – to share your expertise or opinion

As PR professionals, we often laud the value of thought leadership as an effective communication and expert positioning strategy. Amplify your voice, share your ideas, build clout for your organization in the process. In general terms, there is both opportunity and need for expert voices on a variety of topics, and sharing advice is, for the most part, beneficial for increasing visibility of your expertise and building trust with your audiences. Except when it isn’t.

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