As true Denver fans, we have to start this post which a big HECK YEAH! for the Denver Broncos. We couldn’t be more proud of our home team who took home the big trophy and gave the Panthers a solid walloping. Nice job Broncos!


Now on to the ads…The Super Bowl ads are the one part of the game that everyone (even the non-sports fans among us!) like to discuss, rate, and cheer. In past years we’ve seen a strong showing among adorable animals and the most memorable ads pulled at our heartstrings and maybe even resulted in a hastily wiped away tear. This year…meh? Overall, many of us felt that the ads were a bit lackluster compared to years past. Not to mention, many of the big players were posted online several days before the big game, eliminating the surprise element during the big game.


The Winners

Cheers to the vehicles. Prius and Hyundai both gave us a series of fun and entertaining ads. A Prius outsmarting cops in an epic car chase? That little enviro-friendly vehicle just got a lot cooler in our book.


Avocados from Mexico – Cute, funny, entertaining and reminds us that we love guacamole and can enjoy it 365 days a year. Success. We’re entertained and the message is well received.


Public service announcements – Colgate reminds us to save water, Budweiser reminds us not to drive drunk. Both ads communicated an important message in an entertaining and memorable way. Thank you.


The Cutest

Thank you to Heinz and Honda for giving us a few adorable animals to love. Singing goats, running wieners, everyone loves adorable animals. These ads were big winners in our book. And chances are you will probably think of those cute little hot dogs next time you give that ketchup bottle a squeeze. Nicely done.


Mixed Reviews

Big food and beverage fall into this category. Budweiser once again got really defensive about craft beer. Hey Bud, there is a time and a place for every beer, no need to get your panties in a bunch. Doritos had a much-discussed ad with the baby delivery. Cute, funny, and…disturbing? Certainly it is memorable; though we’re not sure we want to think about labor and delivery while snacking on delicious chips. Butterfinger jumped into the mix too, prompting us to all wonder – when is the last time you saw anyone eat a Butterfinger?! Skittles had a quirky ad that received a half-hearted “ha!” around our TV and Bud Light made a few “caucus” jokes which were somewhat funny after six beers, but not really that funny with this morning’s hangover.


The Losers

Puppy Monkey Baby – What the? This disturbing creature gave us nightmares. We can’t even tell you the name of the gross sounding drink it was promoting. We hope we NEVER EVER have to see that thing again. FAIL.


Toe Fungus, Constipation, Other Bodily Functions – Why, WHY, do we have to see commercials relating to toe fungus and bowel movements? And if you are going to make a commercial about bowel movements, at least inject a little humor in there. Strange intestine man and disgusting toe fungus foot made us want to toss our nachos.


In all, Super Bowl ads should keep a product or message top of mind for future purchasing decisions. Further, they must generate some sort of discussion on social media to keep them relevant and expand the reach of the $5 million paid for a thirty second spot. Very few succeeded this year. Though Puppy Monkey Baby generated a lot of chatter, will anyone ever buy that product? Was the chatter the “right” kind of chatter? We’re hoping for a better showing next year. We want to see an ad that is memorable, tugs a bit at the heartstrings, includes puppies, makes us laugh, shares an important message, makes us want to buy a product, has a surprising punch line, and stays top of mind for a few weeks after the game…is that too much to ask?