It is important when running your business that you realize that you’re not in it alone. There are many ways that you can strategically partner with other businesses that will help increase visibility and revenue for both companies. Keeping in mind that there are many ways to form alliances, here are three tips for building strategic partnerships online.

Complimentary Products or Services

Reach out to companies with which you have a complimentary product or service. This should go without saying, but it pays to sit down and come up with a strong plan for both your company and the company you wish to partner with. With that plan, you can make the case for aligning with other businesses and get mentions in their blog posts and social media, and hopefully on their websites as a strategic partner.

Utilize Partners to Help with Your Weaknesses

Make sure you have something online to offer your potential partner. This is making good on the offer of having a mutually beneficial relationship. If you have a strong Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest presence but are weak in blog content, then working with someone who has the reverse (or is somewhat unbalanced) can help you both cover your areas and get mentions. Additionally, you can partner on webinars, conferences, and other digital product offerings to leverage each others email list and customer exposure.

Follow Through Is Crucial

Again, this seems like the basics, but if you aren’t able to deliver on your ideas and plans, then it’s best not to enter into a partnership in the first place. A true strategic partnership is not just a friendly social contract, it is helping to establish your business and reputation not only in the marketplace, but in the minds of your local business leaders as well.

By utilizing these 3 techniques, you can go a long way in creating mutually beneficial relationships and fruitful strategic partnerships.

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Rhiannon Hendrickson
About the Author: Rhiannon Hendrickson

Rhiannon Hendrickson is the founder and CEO of Orapin Marketing + Public Relations, which helps purpose-driven businesses increase visibility, expand the reach of their message, and become sought-after industry leaders. She has worked with organizations of all sizes across myriad sectors to develop memorable and effective communications programs that generate awareness, engagement, and, ultimately, support for those that are making a meaningful impact.

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