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When – and when not – to share your expertise or opinion

As PR professionals, we often laud the value of thought leadership as an effective communication and expert positioning strategy. Amplify your voice, share your ideas, build clout for your organization in the process. In general terms, there is both opportunity and need for expert voices on a variety of topics, and sharing advice is, for the most part, beneficial for increasing visibility of your expertise and building trust with your audiences. Except when it isn’t.
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Language has power: Why brands and leaders must choose their words carefully

As communicators, we have a responsibility to understand how our words and work can contribute to bias and be considerate of how our messages can undermine the impact we’re trying to achieve. As recent social justice movements have come to the forefront, it is critical for executives and key leaders (for-profit and nonprofit) to be conscious about how they speak to and about the work they’re doing and those they serve.
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How to adjust communications during a pandemic (aka a headline we never imagined we’d have to write)

We asked for your questions about how to communicate within the “new normal.” Most certainly your communication strategies need a reboot. Many of you shared the same questions with regards to communications strategy in this new environment, and we’ve answered them here.
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Communications strategy in times of crisis

Corporate communications in times of crisis or uncertainty is a delicate balance. But for those who maintain their voice and are genuinely helpful in times of crisis, there is great opportunity to establish a leadership position and earn brand recognition and loyalty.
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Look for the helpers: Inspiration during the COVID-19 crisis

There is much uncertainty and so many unknowns as the COVID-19 crisis escalates each day. However, there are countless stories of people finding ways to be a light in the darkness. We’ve compiled list of just a few things people are doing to help others to inspire and bring some hope and much-needed peace to this wild and crazy time.
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Building your personal brand for professional authority

If you want to gain exposure as a thought leader or subject matter expert, we recommend first developing a solid personal brand strategy and creating searchable content that demonstrates your expertise and the message you want to share.
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