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Six Tips to Help you Nail Your Next Media Interview

An interview with the media is a great way to gain visibility for your business while promoting your message.
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Optimize your Blog for SEO

How to Optimize a Blog Post

When Michelle asked me to tackle this topic for her readers, I was really struck by how much the PR & SEO world have collided in the past few years.
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Three Promotions Mistakes to Avoid

Regardless of whether you are just starting out as a small-business owner, trying to ready your department for entry into a new market,
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Three Simple Steps to Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

Since marketing is a large part of what brings business to your company, having the right marketing campaign is crucial. But, how do you know that your marketing strategy is effective? Read the blog post to find a few simple ways to measure your marketing effectiveness.
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Three Tips to Pull off a Killer Grand Opening

New businesses and products pop up every day all over the world. The challenge of attracting customers to to your business hasn’t changed in the age of the Internet, but it does present some challenges and advantages in getting the word out. Read this blog post for three tips for maximizing your chances for success at your grand opening.
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Four Tips to Help Your Business Gain a Competitive Edge

For many small business owners, keeping tabs on the competition is a task that gets pushed to the back burner. After all, there are more pressing matters that owners must take care of on a daily basis. Researching your competitors, however, is a strategic business move that allows owners to gain competitive intelligence.
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