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3 tips for guest blogging success

Guest blogging puts you in front of a target audience and serves as a platform to educate, inform, and showcase your expertise. In addition, this strategy is a great way to generate backlinks to your own site and build both domain authority and brand awareness.
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PR pitching secrets from the pros

If you have news to share and want to secure feature stories in coveted media outlets, any PR person will tell you that the pitch is the single most important part of the media outreach process and often makes the difference between oodles of feature stories or no coverage at all.
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So you want to get published? Here’s our guide to create your contributed article strategy

For CEOs and subject matter experts who are looking for ways to increase awareness of their brand and become an authority in their field, writing and publishing articles is a fantastic way to share expertise, insights, and opinions.
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CEO in the spotlight

When people think of PR, they often think about garnering media coverage and critical acclaim for a company or organization’s product or service. But as a company or organization grows, it is also important, if not expected, for the CEO or executive director to share the spotlight as the face of the brand. “Expert positioning” is a facet of an overall PR strategy that builds visibility, credibility, and recognition for the organization’s leadership and creates avenues to share their voice and vision within an industry.
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PR is for problem solving

What is the business challenge you hope PR will solve? PR can be an extremely effective tool for specific business challenges and for this reason, it should be an integral part of many brands’ marketing plans. However, being able to articulate the challenge and why you think PR can help solve that challenge is critical in order to gauge the success of the campaign.
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So you want to be on the cover of The New York Times? Let’s chat about PR expectations

Public relations can be a very powerful and valuable tool as part of an overall marketing strategy; however, it is important to have realistic expectations for your PR program.
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