As a business, you know that customers are after one thing above all else–value. That value can take the form of convenience, low pricing, and/or high quality. However, to compete in the market, businesses have to know their field well.

You have probably already thought about how to establish your expertise in your own field, how to let your customers know that your business is credible. If you are unsure of where to start, take a look at two main methods to demonstrate a high level of expertise to potential customers.

1. Share Information

Sharing information freely shows people that a company cares about not only its customers, but anyone who would come across that information. It also allows people to test drive a company’s knowledge to see if they could be considered experts in a given field.

Sharing information can take on many forms:

  • Publish regular blog posts on a certain topic.
  • Share articles about a specific field that were written by known experts.
  • Publish a book or magazine article.

2. Present to the Public

Because the internet has become an everyday part of most people’s lives, the ways in which a business can give presentations have increased. These include:

  • Participating in a local TEDTalk or other speaking event
  • Making online videos that explain or inform customers
  • Give webinars
  • Participate in radio or podcast interviews

Giving presentations is a more in-depth way to not only share information, as discussed above, but also to demonstrate skills that may not be easily translated into written format.

Videos and radio are also more passive ways to communicate to customers than having them read an article or book. This means that it will reach more people who don’t have the time or concentration to devote to written information.

Sharing information through writing and giving presentations both allow companies to show what they know. They allow established and potential customers to have more information about the company and the field, making for a more informed customer base and, overall, establishing the company’s expertise.

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