Denver PR Agency Team Member Diana Crawford

Diana Crawford has been with the team for the longest time outside of the partners. She began working with Orapin Marketing + Public Relations in early 2013 and has been a stalwart champion of the agency despite the ups and downs of our journey building the business. One thing that our team members share is an incredible love for life and adventure, Diana definitely fits this mold. On any given day you are as likely to find her fording a river as biking through Denver on her way to her next meeting. She brings this same energy and spirit to her client work, making her invaluable to the accounts she works on as well as the agency.

Q :: What do you like doing in your free time?

A :: In my free time I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my husband and little boy. Our typical weekends might involve a hike, a tent, a raft, and probably a near-death experience. We usually cap off these exciting excursions with a cold Colorado craft beer.

Q :: Where are you from? What brought you to Colorado? 

A :: I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. I spent a college summer working at a kids camp in Boulder and fell in love with the state. After graduating, I couldn’t think of any place I’d rather move and westward I went.

Q :: What got you into PR?

A :: My first job was with the Vail Daily newspaper. I got into it because, well, they agreed to hire me! As it turned out, marketing and PR was a really good fit.

Q :: What do you like most about what you do?

A :: To me, PR is the art of storytelling. I love helping small businesses get the word out about their accomplishments and working with clients to craft their unique message and then share that message with the world. Everyone needs a champion to set themselves apart from the crowd and I enjoy playing that role.

To learn more about Diana’s professional experience and accomplishments, click here to read her bio.