Denver PR Agency Team Member Robbi Robinson

Robbi Robinson began working with Orapin Marketing + Public Relations in the fall of 2015. Robbi is our esteemed Chief Support/Get Sh*t Done Officer helping to keep us organized and running smoothly. She has mastered this role and is an invaluable member of the team. Another huge plus, is her incredible baking talent – we wouldn’t eat nearly as well at our team meetings if it wasn’t for the incredible baked goods she spoils us with.

Q :: What do you like doing in your free time?

A :: I love to bake and create new fun flavor combinations in the kitchen, both sweet and savory.

Q :: Where are you from? What brought you to Colorado? 

A :: I was born in Colorado, but primarily grew up in Oklahoma. I came back to Denver after college in New York City because it’s the perfect mix of city and country, plus, who doesn’t love those beautiful mountains?!

Q :: What got you into PR?

A :: I got into marketing and PR because I am fascinated by the “science” behind what attracts people to what they want/purchase/are loyal to. I love seeing small businesses getting recognized and gaining loyal fans within their communities for what they are passionate about with the right marketing.

Q :: What do you like most about what you do?

A :: I love getting to be part of a supportive and talented team working behind-the-scenes of a business’ developing success story. Making sure the little pieces of a project run like clockwork to further the big picture goal is my jam!

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