As public relations professionals, we advise our clients to utilize a blog as a way to share their stories, increase SEO, build brand awareness, and to connect with their customers and respective audiences on an ongoing basis. Most of our clients understand the purpose and importance of the blog, but often lose steam after a few months struggling to come up with fresh content or time to dedicate to writing. In response, we usually share a few “insider tips” to make our clients’ blogging both interesting and easy.

  1. Try Periscope. Utilize Periscope to record your CEO’s TedTalk, panel discussion, or other speaking engagement and then embed a link of the video after the fact in a blog post with a brief write-up on the event. Periscope is a hot new social media tool that creates live broadcasts and allows viewers to comment in real time. It is cool, trendy, a whole lot of fun and a great time to share your brand’s stories.
  2. Record your post. Instead of writing the blog post, record it as a podcast and embed a link to the audio file with a brief summary of its contents as a blog post. Alternatively, record the post as an audio file and have it transcribed by a company such as Transcription Outsourcing, LLC. Once you have the transcript, you will likely need to finesse the content just slightly to have an interesting and informative post.
  3. Utilize images. Post a gallery of images from an event and then provide a brief write-up describing each image and observations from the event. You can also repurpose these images from or to your Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook accounts.
  4. Create video blog posts. If you find a blank screen daunting, try a video recording of either yourself or another employee talking about a relevant topic. Videos are a great place to share a brand’s personality beyond what people see on the website and can be serious or lighthearted. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!
  5. Respond to FAQs. If customers frequently ask the same questions about your products or services, keep a list of these queries and address them individually in your blog posts. You’ll both create content that you can share with a customer the next time the question comes up and increase your search rankings.

We always advise our clients to think outside the box when they run into writer’s block. Utilizing other mediums such as audio, video or images can help fill up those blank blog posts in a jiffy. Further, clients can utilize multimedia content across multiple platforms such as social media, thus expanding the reach of their efforts and killing two content creation birds with one stone.


Diana Crawford
About the Author: Diana Crawford

Diana Crawford is a seasoned public relations consultant with more than 15 years of agency, consulting, and in-house experience. She joined Orapin in 2013 and manages account services and client communications strategy development. She has worked across a variety of sectors and has expertise with professional services, food/alcohol, health and wellness, lifestyle, sports, education, tech, and non-profit industries.

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