With the new year comes new beginnings, renewed energy and purpose for life’s challenges big and small, resolutions, and declarations. So in addition to our resolutions to (attempt) to be more centered, do more yoga, eat healthier, get in touch with old friends, meditate, pick up a new hobby, read more, compost, be more patient with our kids and husbands, and enjoy our evening glass of wine without guilt (whew!), we think the new year is also a great time to declare our purpose. Orapin Marketing + Public Relations is not a new firm, but as we’ve grown, we realize that our values are clearer more now than ever. And we feel it is important to share these values as they dictate every aspect of how we operate – from our intentional selection of the clients we work with, to the stories we tell, to the relationships we build, and how we do our work. Our purpose drives us and provides direction to our daily compasses. Not to mention, it makes us feel darn good about going to work every day.

So without further ado…who is OMPR?

We are storytellers who amplify the voice and reach of purpose-driven organizations leading to increased support, income, and impact.

We value those who are filling buckets with their blood, sweat, and tears in pursuit of their cause to make the world a better place.

We believe a changed narrative of happiness, hope, and inspiration can create a better world.

We want a world where our thoughts, conversations, and social media feeds are predominantly filled with good news and stories of hope and inspiration, as opposed to negativity, fear, and anger.

We celebrate changemakers who are making a meaningful impact in the world and inspire and empower people to be the fullest versions of themselves by doing what they love and making an impact on their families and communities.

We, too, are mothers, wives, friends, and members of our own communities. As communicators, we believe it is our gift and purpose to tell the good stories. The stories of real people, making a real difference around us.

The media – both traditional and social – has a significant affect on our daily lives, yet sometimes it feels as though the air is just filled with negative buzzing – stories of hate, insular and obdurate thinking, and sadness. But there are good people in this world, who care, who are doing good work for not just themselves, but their industries, our communities, and the entire planet. These stories bring us hope and purpose. We can amplify the voices of these changemakers. We can help lift up those who are making a difference. We believe in the power of strategic communications to build captive audiences, expand reach, and grow revenue. We believe in positive stories, and providing communications strategy to support movements of change for the greater good. We believe we, too, can make an impact. Though we be but little, we are fierce!  

So here’s to 2019. To a brighter future. To a healthy, prosperous, more verdant world. To those who will make it so, we raise a glass to you.