13th Floor + The Asylum Publicity Campaign

Denver’s 13th Floor and Asylum haunted houses are owned and operated by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the only company and brand in the country to produce haunted houses on a national scale with haunted houses in Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, Chicago, and Denver. In 2002, long-time friends and haunted house enthusiasts, Chris Stafford and Warren Conard, opened The Asylum and six years later debuted the 13th Floor in Denver, Colo.


Case study



  • To create buzz and excitement around The Asylum and 13th Floor haunted houses.
  • To establish The Asylum and 13th Floor as staple fall events in Denver.
  • To garner critical acclaim and endorsements from the press, social media users, and ultimately the public, in order to bring people to the houses.
  • To increase attendee numbers within their target audience (ages 13 to 24).
  • To increase revenue generated for the 2015 Halloween season.



We partnered with Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group to lead a local publicity campaign for the 2015 Halloween season at its Denver haunted attractions, 13th Floor and The Asylum. As a part of our efforts, we developed various materials including an electronic press kit, press release and media alert to promote the haunted houses. We hosted a widely attended media night, in which nearly 100 local members of the media, student media and influencers attended. We solicited ongoing press coverage and pitched multiple story arcs including: haunted house reviews, behind-the-screams look at the haunts, haunted house make-up artists competing in “Face Off,” local haunted houses giving back through nonprofit Don’t Be A Monster, haunted house deals and promotions, etc.


As a result of our outreach efforts, more than 51.6 million people were exposed to The Asylum and 13th Floor haunted houses via 165 media and influencer placements and 128 social media posts associated with this coverage. Of the coverage garnered, feature stories were predominant, totaling 35% of all placements. More than one broadcast segment was secured each week during the height of the season and multiple student media outlets covered the haunted houses. Awareness was raised among local and regional media outlets, particularly with the target audience of individuals aged 13 – 24, as a result of the outreach efforts and the resulting critical acclaim and endorsements the haunted houses received from local media and influencers. In part due to these efforts, the haunted houses saw an increase of more than 2% increase in earnings in the 2015 season.


Click on image above to see slideshow of just some of our results.