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1940’s WWII Era Ball Event Publicity Campaign


The 1940’s WWII Era Ball is one of two annual events held by the 1940’s Ball NFP, a Boulder-based nonprofit organization. The mission of the 1940’s Balls is to create community and cultural connections that cross generations, genres and borders through celebrating the music, dance and culture of the 1940s and 50s. All net proceeds from the Balls are donated to The Wounded Warriors Project and The Spirit of Flight Center Colorado.


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  • To expand event publicity for the seventh annual 1940’s WWII Era Ball to reach a broader, regional audience.
  • To increase event attendee numbers and earnings.


We partnered with 1940’s Ball NFP to lead a local publicity campaign to publicize the seventh annual 1940’s WWII Era Ball. As a part of our efforts, we developed various materials including an electronic press kit, press release and media alert to promote the event. We solicited press coverage promoting the event and invited multiple outlets to attend and cover the Ball.


As a result of our outreach efforts, more than nine million people were exposed to the 1940’s WWII Era Ball via 54 press placements and 29 social media posts associated with these placements. Of this coverage, 89% of the press placements included media backlinks to 1940sBall.com. Event awareness was raised among local and regional media outlets and targeted audiences as a result of the outreach efforts and the resulting critical acclaim and endorsements the Ball received from the press in print, on TV and online. In part due to these efforts, the 2015 1940’s WWII Era Ball saw a significant increase in ticket sales. In fact, ticket sales in 2015 increased by more than 66%, with 2,500 tickets being sold this year as compared to 1,500 tickets being sold in 2004.

Click on image above to see slideshow of just some of our results.