How to showcase what makes your business different

First thing’s first: customers want to know why they should do business with you. What’s special about your company? More specifically, why should they choose you over the competition? Unless you have a unique feature that’s specific to your company, you must consider showcasing the added value clients can expect when working with you. Perhaps your company has one major stand out feature, or maybe there are several smaller features that help your business rise above the competition. Once you determine your company’s unique selling proposition (USP), you can focus on showcasing what makes your business different.

1. Developing your USP

Before creating your marketing plan, you must first develop your USP. When considering the core elements that make your company unique, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is your product or service unique? How?
    • Is your company completely reliable?
    • Does your company provide high quality products?
    • Does your company provide value?
    • Have you been in business for years with a solid reputation?
    • Do you provide top-notch customer service?

2. Marketing strategies to help your business stand out

Once your USP is determined, it’s time to concentrate your marketing efforts around it. Consider the following strategies to help showcase what makes your company different:

    • Be the expert. If your company has a long history in the community coupled with a solid reputation, your USP will likely focus on your expertise, helping to set you apart from the newer competition. Don’t wait for customers to seek you out for expert guidance, however. Instead, offer a free consultation or estimate to customers that showcases how knowledgeable you are about the challenges they face– and, more importantly, how you can help them.
    • Provide stellar customer service. Maybe your product or service is far from unique and you’ve decided that your USP is your company’s outstanding customer service. Your next step is to follow through. Providing truly exemplary customer service leads to the most tried and true form of marketing: word-of-mouth. Complimentary refreshments, free gifts, no-hassle returns, and valuable customer loyalty programs are just a few of the ways you can showcase your extraordinary customer service.
    • Use social media to your advantage. Most businesses have social media accounts today but many aren’t using them effectively. Simply put: social media is no longer a marketing advantage; it is a marketing necessity. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are must-haves for your marketing efforts. But simply having the accounts isn’t enough; you must update them regularly and engage your customers. Whether your USP is excellent customer service, reliability, high quality products, or virtually anything else, you can use social media to your advantage.

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Rhiannon Hendrickson
About the Author: Rhiannon Hendrickson

Rhiannon Hendrickson is the founder and CEO of Orapin Marketing + Public Relations, which helps purpose-driven businesses increase awareness and attract clients and partners. She has worked with organizations of all sizes across myriad sectors to develop memorable and effective communications programs that generate awareness, engagement, and, ultimately, support for those that are making a meaningful impact.

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